Social Actions

The social projects on which we are working via MADWOMENFEST are:

1. Creation and promotion of cooperatives for women victims of gender violence

2. Creation and development of art workshops for children in danger of isolation or abandonment, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor for Minors

Next 31 October in the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace the MadWomen Fashion Brunch will take place. At this unique event with an important social goal we will be treated to a magnificent experience in which fashion, gastronomy and music will unite in the service of a pioneering Spanish project of solidarity organized by the soprano, composer and orchestra conductor Pilar Jurado, artistic director of the festival.

The worlds of fashion and music will be the lead actors of the fashion show/concert which will open the event. We will be able to enjoy the Early Music group Axivil, directed by the guitarist Felipe Sánchez Mascuñano, while unique apparel by distinguished designers is auctioned off to finance one of the most important social projects promoted by MadWomenFest.

Following the fashion show/concert, Adolfo Muñoz, owner of the Adolfo Group and president of the Fine Dining Association and the Spanish Gastronomic Selection, with more than 40 years as a model within the world of traditional and creative cuisine, will lead us, by way of a selection of the best restaurants in Spain, to a brunch in which the words “gourmet, tradition and quality” will go hand in hand.

We will be able to savour dishes especially designed for the occasion by the restaurants which will accompany us at this event.

All the profits from this event will be donated to the Mad Kids in Art project, workshops launched with the guarantee of the Office of the Public Prosecutor in collaboration with the Pilar Jurado Foundation.

Another of the important social responsibilities we have is towards the world of Culture and towards the women who give their talent and lives to the advancement of the Arts.
It is our commitment to give them visibility and make examples of each of them so that the new generations can have models which stimulate their own journeys. To this end we want these to be prestigious international awards, which will place Spain in a privileged position as an annual centre for Women in the Arts.

A major part of the profits earned from the Megaconcert against Gender Violence will go to finance a Cooperative consisting of women victims of gender violence, by way of a public competition held by the Area of Entrepreneurship of Madrid’s City Hall and with the support of the State Attorney General which will promote this enterprise among associations for abused women.
Concurrently, the members of the Artistic Council of MadWomenFest commit themselves during the first year of the Cooperative to promote in the media the image and presence of this project and the women who have created it.

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