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Con-ciertos diálogos | Grupo Sax-Ensemble

Fecha del evento: 17 Oct 2017

Recinto: CONDE DUQUE Cultural Center


Grupo Sax-Ensemble
Winner of the National Music Prize for Interpretation, this chamber ensemble will present the grat repertoire of women composers.

This concert is included in the programming of the Autumn Concert Series of the CONDE DUQUE Cultural Centre


Carmen Verdú — Etiam
Alicia Díaz de la Fuente — 
Tania León —
 Arenas d’un Tiempo
Gabriela Ortiz —
 El águila bicéfala
Maria Radeschi —
Pilar Jurado — 



Founded in 1987 with the objective of promoting the creation and dissemination of contemporary music, this flexible chamber group consists of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, saxophone quartet, piano, percussion and electro-acoustic media. When necessary, in many of their concerts the group will incorporate additional wind and string instruments, as well as voice.
The creation and dissemination of the music of our time, for the initial formation of the group, which was a novel instrumentation at the time (saxophone quartet, piano and percussion), as well as formations with additional instruments, electro-acoustic media, orchestral groups, and for the present formation of 14 players, has been the driving force behind this group for the last twenty-two years. In 1997 they were awarded the National Music Prize for Interpretation, for their great contribution to Spanish music.


Maite Raga, flute
Salvador Salvador, clarinet
Francisco Herrero, alto sax
Pilar Montejano, tenor sax
Emilio Robles, violin
Ángel García Jermann, cello
Duncan Gifford, piano
Santiago Serrate, conductor

After the general information about the concert, this should come:

*The concerts organized by MadWomenFest within the Autumn Concert Series of the CONDE DUQUE Cultural Centre are events at which new synergies between music and the other arts will be created, their format will be different and they will end with an open space for dialogue between the artists and the audience.


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