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UrbanJazz | Cuban Sound Project

Fecha del evento: 20 Oct 2017

Recinto: Hotel Urban

MadWomenFest creates a new space for music in the Urban Hotel of Madrid, one of the most unique corners of the city’s centre which will become a nexus for Jazz on the festival nights.


Cuban Urban Project

Guest artist:

is a total artist, not only for having a great voice, but also for her talent as a composer, conductor, pianist, actor and singing teacher, as well as her wonderful feeling for the stage and the theatre. Her jump to fame was thanks to her collaboration on the television program OPERACIÓN TRIUNFO as a singing teacher and as an Adjunct Professor of the Academy in the 2005 and 2006 editions, which had extensive media coverage.

Cuban Urban Project


The Cuban Sound Project is the new Cuban music orchestra directed by Demetrio Muñiz, who had previously been the musical director of the Buena Vista Social Club for 7 years. This project, conceived and directed by Demetrio Muñiz, is, in his own words, “a big orchestra in the style of the 40s and 50s, regarding instrumentation and arrangements, but with a modern sound”.

In the context of this great Cuban professional, arranger, conductor and trombonist’s trajectory one must highlight his work as director, together with Arturo Sandoval, Paquito de Rivera and Chucho Valdés, of the Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna (Cuban Modern Music Orchestra); musical director of the Cabaret Tropicana orchestra and the orchestration of the song “Chitarra Romana” for PAVAROTTI and Augusto Enríquez.

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