1. Introduction


The present general conditions for the use of the website regulate the terms and conditions of access and use of www.madwomenfest.com, owned by MadWomenArts SL, whose legal address is Avd Normandía 29, 28420 Galapagar (Madrid), and Fiscal Identification Number is B87771309, henceforth referred to as “the Company”, that the user of the Portal should read and accept to be able to use all the services and information that are made available via the portal. The mere access and/or utilization of the portal, its complete or partial contents, signifies the full acceptance of the present general conditions of use.


  1. Conditions of Use


The present general conditions of use of the portal regulate the access and the utilization of the portal, including the contents and services available to the users on and/or through the portal, whether by the user or by third parties. Nonetheless, the access to and utilization of certain contents and/or services may find themselves regulated by specific conditions.


  1. Modifications


The company reserves for itself the possibility of modifying at any moment the general conditions of use of the portal. In any case, it is recommended that the user periodically check these conditions, as they possibly may have been modified.


  1. Obligations of the User


The user must at all times respect the terms and conditions established in the present general conditions of use of the portal. The user expressly manifests that he/she will use the portal diligently and assumes any responsibility that might derivate from the breaching of the norms.


As well, the user may not use the portal to transmit, save, disseminate, promote or distribute data or contents that may contain and transmit viruses or any other type of computer codes, files or programmes designed to interrupt, destroy or damage the functioning of any computer or telecommunication software or hardware.


  1. Responsibility of the Portal


The user understands and accepts that the portal does not grant a guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, concerning the data, contents, information and services which are included and offered on the website.


Excepting those cases in which the law expressly imposes the contrary, and exclusively to the measure and extent of what it imposes, the Portal does not guarantee nor assume any responsibility regarding the possible damages incurred by the use and utilization of the information, data and services of the Portal.


In any case, the Portal excludes all responsibility for the damages that may be incurred due to the information and/or services rendered and supplied by third parties outside the Company. All responsibility will rest on that third party, whether provider or collaborator.


  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property


All contents, brands, logos, graphics, documentation, software or whatever elements are susceptible to intellectual and industrial property legislative protection, that are accessible on the website, correspond exclusively to the Company or its legitimate owners, and all rights concerning them are expressly reserved. The creation of hypertext links which direct to any element found on the website without the express consent of the Company is strictly prohibited, unless the target page does not require identification or authorization to access it, or if it is not restricted.


In any case, the Portal reserves all the rights concerning its contents, information, data and services that apply to them. The Portal concedes no license or authorization for use of its contents, data or services to the user, other than that which is expressly described in these general conditions of use of the Portal.


  1. Applicable Legislation, Competent Jurisprudence and Notifications


The present conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. All complaints must be addressed to the Madrid courts or tribunals. All notifications, requests, solicitations and any other communication which the user desires to reach the Company owner of the Portal, must be made in writing, and will be understood to have been correctly realized upon their receipt at the following address: office@madwomenarts.com.


We use our own and third party cookies to optimize your experience and our services, analysing your navigation around our website. If you continue navigating, we understand that you accept their use. You can obtain more information in our Cookies Policy.






This Privacy and Cookies Policy establishes the norms with which MadWomenArts SL (henceforth referred to as “MWA”), whose legal address is Avda. de Normandía 29, Parquelagos, Madrid (Spain), a company which currently operates in Spain and is the organizer of the Festival MadWomeFest, handles the user’s personal data, when it is provided to us during the user’s visit to the website www.madwomenfest.com (henceforth referred to as “the Company”), the mobile application or app, understood as a computer application designed to be executed on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices (henceforth referred to as “the App”) or other applications, software, digital media, formats or devices set up to interact with the platform for online product sales, services and related functions with the Spanish MWF brand (together referred to as “the Platform”). Every time the Platform is used and we are provided with or need access to any type of information that because of its characteristics permit us to identify the user, such as first and last names, email, invoice or mailing address, telephone number, type of device used or debit/credit card number, etc. (henceforth referred to as “Personal Data”), whether it is for purposes of navigation around the website, to purchase our products or make use of our services or functions, the same will be subject to this Privacy and Cookies Policy, as well as the Conditions of Use and Purchase, the Wallet Conditions and other documents with reference to the same (together referred to as “Terms and Conditions”)  in force at all times, which the user should review to make sure he/she agrees with them.



Please note that before using any of our services or functions, this Privacy and Cookies Policy should be read, as well as the section in the Terms and Conditions specific to these. In said section the user will see if there is any particular condition for its use, or if a special handling of his/her Personal Data is required. Not providing any information that is indicated as obligatory can result in it not being possible to process the user’s registering as such or the use of certain functions or services provided by the Platform.

The user (you) guarantees that the Personal Data he/she provides are true and accurate, and he/she commits to notify in the case of any change or modification of these. In those cases which the user provides third party Personal Data, you are responsible for having informed and obtained permission from said parties to share these data with the objectives indicated in the corresponding sections of the Privacy and Cookies Policy. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform or those responsible for the Platform or any third party due to the providing of false, inexact or incomplete information on the registry forms will be the exclusive responsibility of the user. MWF, in its capacity of responsibility, will handle your Personal Data with the following objectives:

  • To process your registration as a user of the Platform: the Personal Data you provide us with will be the object of handling for the purpose of identifying you as a user of the Platform and to give you access to the various functions, products and services which are at your disposal as a registered user.
  • The processing, fulfilling and execution of the purchase/sale contract for the products and services you have obtained, or any other contract with Us made through the Platform. In particular, you should bear in mind the following:
  1. In the event that you choose the option for saving the purchasing data (the debit/credit card), you expressly authorize us to handle said data as necessary for the activation and processing of the function. The card’s security code (CVV or CVC) will only be used for the purchase in progress, and will not be saved nor afterwards handled as part of the card’s data. Consent of the activation of this function permits the auto-completion of your data on future purchases, so that it will not be necessary to introduce your purchasing data for each new transaction, and they will be understood to be valid and current for future purchases. You can modify or eliminate your card data at any time by email to office@scalaaretina.com.

We save and transmit your card data under the normal standards of international confidentiality and security for debit and credit cards. The use of this function may require, for purposes of security, the modification of your access password. Remember that the security of the Platform’s use also depends on its correct utilization and the conservation of specific secret passwords.

  1. In the event of having proceeded to purchase the Pack Regalo (Gift Pack), if you provide us with third party personal data, you are responsible for having informed and obtained permission from said party so that, in conformity with the Conditions of Use and Purchase of the Platform, we may handle those data for (a) the processing of the delivery and the verification of the reception of the Tarjeta Regalo (Gift Card), and (b) process your or said third party’s requests.
  • If you have a Pack Regalo and you want to process your product return associated with it by means of the Platform, we will use the Personal Data you provided on the return form for (a) the processing of the request and pick-up of the merchandise, (b) replying to the requests related to the Pack Regalo or the refund which you propose, and (c) confirming the acceptance of the refund and delivery of the refund amount, by email or equivalent electronic means.
    • To contact you via email, telephone, SMS messaging or other electronic means of communication such as the push notifications of the App, etc. about updates and informative news related to the functions, products and services contracted, including Platform security updates, when these are reasonably necessary for their implementation.
    • To respond to the applications and requests you send us via the Customer Service (Atención al Cliente) channels of the Platform.
    • To respond to the requests to link your Platform user account, received via the mobile application.

In the event that you authorize your subscription to the MWF Newsletter, we will send you information about our products and services via various media such as, among others, email and any other similar electronic means of communication such as SMS, or by telephone. We can also send you this information via push notifications if you have activated them on your mobile device.

The subscription to the MWF Newsletter may entail the use of your Personal Data to send you personalized publicity, related to our products and services, via email, SMS, or other electronic media, from us or third party collaborators. We can also send you this information via push notifications if you have activated this function on your mobile device. So as to optimize the service we provide, we inform you that the Personal Data related to your purchases in our online and physical stores, your tastes and preferences, may be used for purposes of analysis, user profile generation, marketing studies, quality surveys and the optimization of the interaction with our clients.

If you are a registered user, you can modify your preferences related to the sending of said commercial communications by going to My Account. As well, you can unsubscribe in the Platform Newsletter section at any time, or by following the instructions we provide in each communication.



The Management commits to respecting the confidentiality of your Personal Data, and guaranteeing the exercising of your rights. At all times you may exercise your right of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition by sending an email to: office@madwomenarts.com, indicating the nature of your request. If need be, we may request a copy of your DNI, passport or other valid ID that identifies you. In the case that you decide to exercise said rights, and if in the personal data you have provided us with your email is included, we would appreciate your mentioning in said communication this specific circumstance, indicating the email relevant to your desire to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition.


To achieve the objectives indicated in this Privacy and Cookies Policy, it is MadWomenArts SL that will handle your Personal Data to the extent to which they are directly implicated to that end. As well, it may also be necessary to facilitate your Personal Data to third parties which provide us with support services, such as financial entities, anti-fraud entities, providers of technological, logistic, transport and delivery, and customer attention services, and/or analysis of the transactions realized through the Platform so as to offer the user sufficient guarantees during commercial operations, etc. By providing us with your Personal Data via the Platform, you authorize us to handle and share this information with said collaborators. Your authorization includes those cases, for reasons of service efficiency, in which the providers may be in the United States of America or other countries or territories situated outside the European Economic Area that do not provide the level of protection comparable to that of your country or, if relevant, that of the European Union.


We use cookies, which are small files of information about your navigation around the Platform, and whose purpose is to facilitate your navigation of said site. Please continue reading to better understand the cookies we use, their purpose and other information of interest.

Information about Cookies.

What is a Cookie? A Cookie is a small text file that a website sends to your computer, telephone or any other device, with information about your navigation around said site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it more user-friendly, and do not harm your computer. If, in the present policy, we use the general term “Cookie”, as the principal method of information storage that this website uses, we also use the “Local Storage” space of the navigator for the same purposes as the Cookies. In this sense, all the information provided here is applicable to said “Local Storage” space.

For what are the Cookies of the website used? Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main objective of our Cookies is to optimize your navigating experience. For example, they are used to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and on future visits.

The information gathered by the Cookies allow us, as well, to optimize the website by way of estimations concerning usage numbers and patterns, the adaptation of the website to the user’s individual interests, the acceleration of searches, etc.

On occasion, if we have received your prior knowledgeable consent, we can use Cookies, tags or other similar devices to obtain information that enable us to show you from our website that of third parties, or any other media or publicity based on the analysis of your navigation habits.

For what are Cookies NOT used on this website? We do not save sensitive personal identification information such as your address, password, credit/debit card information, etc. in the Cookies we use,

Who uses the information saved in the Cookies? The information saved in our website’s Cookies is used exclusively by us, with the exception of those that henceforth will be identified as “third party Cookies”, which are used and handled by external entities which provide us with services we request for optimizing our services and the user’s experience of navigating our website. The principal services for which these “third party Cookies” are used are the obtaining of access statistics and to guarantee operations of payments made.

How can I avoid the use of Cookies on the website? If you prefer to avoid the use of Cookies on this website, taking into consideration the aforementioned limitations, you should first of all deactivate Cookies on your navigator, and secondly, eliminate the Cookies associated with this website saved in your navigator. The possibility of avoiding the use of Cookies is open to you at any time.

How do I deactivate and eliminate the use of Cookies? To restrict, block or eliminate this website’s Cookies, you can do so at any time modifying the configuration of your navigator following these instructions.

Although the parameter setup of each navigator is different, the configuration for Cookies can normally be accessed via the “Preferences” or “Tools” menus. For further details about the configuration of Cookies in your navigator, consult your navigator’s “Help” menu.

What specific Cookies does this website use and for what purposes? Following is a list of the Cookies, tags and other similar devices used by this website, together with information about the purpose, lifespan and handling (ours or third parties) of each one.

Technical and personalization Cookies: for purposes of identification and authorization, navigation, personalization of the interface, favourites, etc. the Cookies are used to identify the user during the session, and to avoid the user from having to repeat authorization procedures on the site, accelerate some of the site’s functions, remember selections realized during the session and in successive sessions, remember the other sites visited, etc.

The information generated by the “cookie” regarding the use of the website will be directly transmitted to and archived by Google Inc (a company with headquarters in the USA).

The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service provided by Google, for which reason we suggest that you consult the privacy page of Google Analytics, https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage, to obtain more information about the cookies it uses and how to deactivate them (taking into consideration that we are not responsible for the content or veracity of third party websites).

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