Purchasing Conditions

In this section on our sales and refund policy, you will find the conditions you must accept if you want to purchase any of the products we offer on our website. Our platform allows you to acquire tickets for the different types of events organized by the many MadWomenFest collaborators. In this document, with the exception of any of them which have particularities regarding their acquisition, we refer to all the products that you can purchase through our Platform, in this case, Event Tickets.

In the event that you want general information about MadWomenFest or our Privacy Policy, we recommend that you read these other sections: Terms of Use, Legal Notice and Cookies Policy, that you will find on the lower part of our website, MadWomenFest.

We hope you will agree with everything stated herein and the rest of the legal documents. If you do not, we are very sorry, but you will have to desist from navigating our site. If such were the case, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the issues included here.


Refund Policy

In this regard we adhere to article 24.4 of the Law 17/1997, of 4 July, concerning Public Shows and Recreational Activities of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, which specifically establishes that: Those who attend shows and recreational activities have the right to attend those shows or participate in those recreational activities. As well, they are entitled to the complete carrying-out of said events, according to the mode and conditions previously announced. The purchaser of tickets has the right to a total or partial refund of the price paid for the tickets in the event that the show or recreational activity is cancelled or substantially modified, except in those cases when the suspension or modification occurs once the show or activity has begun, and is due to force majeure. This is besides complaints made conforming to the applicable civil and mercantile norms.

For all of the above, in the case that something occurs which you feel justifies a refund of the ticket price, we request that you contact us, whereby we will get in touch with the Organizers to study each individual case.

Regarding the right of desisting by the consumer, for solely informative purposes, we direct you to the applicable norm, article 103, paragraph I) of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, in which is approved the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of the Consumer and User, and other complimentary laws, which specifically exclude from the right of desisting the providing of services related to activities of recreation.


Data Protection

The data you provide when you register for a particular Event to purchase tickets and/or Products, will be added to the corresponding file owned by the Organizer of the Event in order to process your attendance of the same and/or the acquiring of Tickets and/or Products associated with the Event. We recommend you consult the specific information regarding this matter provided by each Organizer, so that you can exercise your rights of, among others, ARCO (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition). Regarding the aforementioned file, our role is merely that of data management so as to be able to give technological support related to buying and selling, and our job as collection agent. In any case, as we are in charge of handling said files, we are committed to respect all the corresponding obligations and guidelines according to what is set out in the LOPD and the RD 1720/2007.

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