Who are we?

Artistic and Executive Director of MadWomenFest


One of the most unique figures of European classical music is the
Artistic and Executive Director of MADWOMENFEST.
First woman in history who has released her own opera, The blank page, in the Teatro Real, commissioned by this operatic coliseum.

A multidisciplinary artist who has developed an important international career, she has been a member of the National Council for the Performing Arts and Music and the Artistic Council of Music of the Ministry of Culture. She is also Counselor and member of the Permanent Commission of AIE (society of management of the artists and musical interpreters), member of the Directive of the Academy of Music and Patron of the Spanish Institutional Foundation (FIES) and of the Academy of Arts Scenic of Spain. Since 2013 she has been Ambassador of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the eradication of child labor and more recently, has been appointed Cultural Ambassador of the Ibero-American Forum of Cities (2016-2018).

Forbes magazine has placed it among the 20 women
Spanish influences.

Festival Staff

Carlos Castel, Large Events Director
Paloma Suarez, Accounting and Production Executive
Marta Antolín, Production and Logistics 
Antonia Pavone, Production
Bauti Martínez, Technical Production Director
Josi Cortés, Communications Director
Carlos Salso, Literary Actions Coordinator
Dowylo, Community Manager
Rubén Delgado, Graphic Design
Enrique Caruncho, Audiovisual Director
Zafyro Giménez, Photography
Ricardo Yebra, Vídeo


The MadWomenFest ambassadors are some of the best female communicators of this country, committed to women’s issues, equality and Culture.

Carme Chaparro
Iñaki Gabilondo
Isabel Gemio
Juan Ramón Lucas
Ana Rosa Quintana
Moisés Rodriguez
Javier Ruiz
Beatriz Becerra

Executive Committee

The MadWomenFest Executive Committee is made up of representatives of the institutions and organizations which support the festival and everything it represents.

President: Pilar Jurado Sopranosoprano, composer and orchest director
Teresa Palahí JuanSecretary General of the ONCE Foundation 
José Antonio Granero, Architect Dean of COAM (Official College of Madrid Architects) 2011- 2015
Board members:
Ángeles CarmonaPresident of the Observatory on Gender-based Violence of the General Judiciary Council
Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega, President of the Women for Africa Foundation and Former Vice-president of the government of Spain
Pilar Martín Nájera, prosecutor at the Supreme Court for gender-based violence
Miguel Angel Recio, Former Director General of the INAEM (National Institute for the Performing Arts) and Fine Arts. State Civil Administrator
Ana María Salazar, Former Senior Advisor UNWOMEN
Flor de Torres, Public prosecutor Delegate of Andalucia for gender-based violence

Artistic Advisory Board

The Artistic Council is made up of distinguished women from the world of Culture,
representing each of the various artistic disciplines.

Alicia Aza, poet. Spain
Ángela Becerra, author. Colombia
Jineth Bedoya, author / journalist. Colombia
Ana Belén, singer and actor. Spain
Sabina Berman, author. México
Marina Bollaín, stage director. Spain
Lita Cabellut, painter. Spain
Miriam Díaz Aroca – Aroca, actor. Spain
Natalia Dicenta, Singer and actor. Spain
Eva Yerbabuena, flamenco dancer. Spain
Nuria Feliú, singer. Spain
Lola Herrera, actor. Spain
Cristina Iglesias, esculptor and engraver. Spain
Concha Jerez, multidisciplinary artist. Spain
María Lafuente, designer. Spain
Ouka Leele, photographer and multidisciplinary artist. Spain
Tania León, composer and conductor. USA
Mabel Lozano, filmmaker. Spain
Sara Navarro, designer. Spain
Fuensanta Nieto, architect. Spain
Teresa Nieto, choreographer and dancer. Morocco
Rossy de Palma, actor. Spain
Inés Paris, President SGAE Foundation. Spain
Carme Pinós, architect. Spain
Cecilia Piñero, musicologist and pianist. Spain
Carmen Posadas, author. Uruguay / Spain
Gracia Querejeta, filmmaker. Spain
Patricia Reyes Spíndola, actor. Mexico
Gisela Vaquero, game designer and President of Women in Games. Spain
Teresa Viejo, journalist. Spain
Belinda Washington, actor. Spain

Advisor Board

The Advisory Council is made up of men and women who believe in MadWomenFest and have decided to collaborate to promote women in the Arts and their vision of the future.

Carmen Casero, Director General of Social Economy Self-Employment and of Social Responsabilities of Businesses
Concha Hernández, Director of the Cultural Centre Conde Duque
Lourdes Molinero, Member of Ágathos Management and Business Advisor
Adolfo Muñoz, President of the Spanish Selection of Gastronomy
Nuria Nebreda, Comunication, PR & Marketing
Joaquin Nieto, Director of the OIT headquarters in Oficina in Spain
Rosa Rivet, Cultural and Heritage Councillor for the Torrelodones City Hall
Yolanda Rueda, President of the Cibervoluntarios Foundation
Nuria Vilanova, President of ATREVIA
Frances Llopis, Member of the Executive Comittee of Home Decor

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